W&W Client Frank Richards featured in WaPo Story

W&W’s lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency on behalf of Franklin “Frank” Richards was the subject of a recent Washington Post article by Joe Davidson. Read the article here.

Frank was a decorated member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division and was sent to “a Middle Eastern Country” to provide firearms training to a number of individuals. Frank contracted lead poisoning while conducting that training, because he was ordered by his superiors to provide the training in a unsuitable range that was heavily contaminated with lead dust — this despite the fact that there were many safer, and healthier alternatives.

As a result of the permanent and irreversible injuries suffered by Frank, he was medically retired by the CIA, and is now unemployable.

3 thoughts on “W&W Client Frank Richards featured in WaPo Story

  1. Frank, I am so proud of you, the strength and courage that I see in you everyday. I know that some days are harder than other and yet still I see you going on with life. One day at a time. Take it to GOD in prayer, he’s working it out.

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